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• Meet this week’s VacationLand Federal Credit Union Terrific Teacher Tuesday winner at 7:15
• Win axe throwing from Noble Axes, tickets to the Sandusky Rotary Pizza Challenge and Mr. Smith’s coffees in the Noble Fun Company Game-O-Tron 3000® contest at 7:30.
• What your voice reveals about you at 7:50
• An 80s hit from a movie about chess! on the 80s and 90s At 8
• “Cops Get A Kick Out Of Loose Animal Call” and other strange-but-true stories from the last seven days on Weird News Of The Week at 8:30…and you could win a Brewed Awakening Vermilion gift card!
• A way to stop getting called by work in off-hours, and “The Indictment” in the EcoTree Services Mix Minute At Work at 9:40.

MONDAY’S 80s AND 90s AT 8 SONG OF THE DAY: BOSTON-AMANDA. This power ballad was the band’s first officially released single their heyday in 1978. Although the song did not have a video, it became the band’s highest-charting single.

Real People Share the Most Annoying Things Others Do in Grocery Stores.

Almost anyone who goes to the grocery store has dealt with at least one annoying shopper. There’s usually that one shopper (or sometimes several) who makes something as simple as buying groceries more difficult than it has to be.
Shoppers annoyed, bothered or downright mad about the lack of “grocery store etiquette” held nothing back when asked about the most frequent annoyances and behaviors of others while at the store.
On Nexstar’s KSN lifestyle show, “Living Well” with Gary Bandy and Shelby Neely, viewers were asked, “What are the most annoying or rude things you see people do at the grocery store?”
The question — also posted on the “Living Well” Facebook page — may have struck a nerve since responses immediately began to flood in.
Nearly 100 Facebook users commented with their own experiences and personal stories of rude and annoying things people do that make the grocery store shopping experience a pain. Here are some of the responses that caught our attention:
Charlie B. — “Block the aisle while texting.”
Carolyn H. — “When I’m checking out and people stand right next to me when I’m paying the cashier. No one needs to be in your face when you are checking out. Keep in your own space.“
Debbie W. — “The employees doing the online shopping — I feel like they could show more respect for us that are doing our own shopping.“
Jonna K. — “Block the aisle by standing in the middle of it talking.“
Pat M. — “People who let their children run wild.“
Delores F. — “Those loudly talking on their phone.“
Adam C. — “People wandering — like they are the only one in the store. Pick a lane, keep moving forward. If you’re gonna visit, find an empty aisle, and one side or the other.“
Lisa F. — “Thieves.“
Terry S. — “Stopping just inside (the store entrance) with their cart, to read their grocery list, thereby blocking the entrance.“
Barbara B. — “People walking in front of cars without even acknowledging there are cars passing through. I know they have the right of way but somebody could get hurt.“
Barb S. — “Running their cart into the back of other people’s feet.“
Tandi D. — “Cutting ahead of elderly people or not helping them/handicapped reach something.“
Sherri L. — “Those who scream at their kids while they are shopping.“
Debbe M. — “Bringing their dogs in.“
Dale C. — “Open food, not pay for it, then leave it on the shelf.“
Velta E. — “Many years ago I saw a store manager pick up a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, take a drink, and put it back on the shelf…“
Serena C. — “Standing in the middle of the aisle looking for things while they can clearly see others trying to get through!“
Lynn Z. — “Taking their baby shopping when it’s clearly nap time.“
Terry P. — “Where do I begin?! Blocking the aisles. Wearing pajamas into the store. And last but not least, kiddos throwing tantrums.“
Robin M. — “Drive the wrong way in the parking lot.“

Glow-in-the-dark flowers are a thing!

Want to have the most unique front yard in the neighborhood? A variety of petunias that actually glow in the dark are now available for sale. These glow-in-the-dark flowers – called the Firefly Petunia – emit a soft glow similar to moonlight. They can be grown in pots, baskets or gardens — and reach about 8 to 10 inches in size. And because the USDA gave them a stamp of approval, the Firefly Petunia is set to become the first commercially raised flower species that glows in the dark. You can put yourself on the waiting list for $29.99 at, with shipments beginning in the spring.

118 New Emojis are Coming to iPhones.

A phoenix, a shaking head, and four gender-neutral families will be available as part of a beta version of the new IOS 17.4, slated to drop sometime this Spring. There will also be a head shaking horizontally, a head shaking vertically, a lime, brown mushroom and broken chain. The existing family emojis are somewhat controversially devoid of color, with different combinations of white silhouettes overlayed on a grey square icon. You will also find six new people emojis with direction-specifying variations, ranging from a person walking while facing right to a wheelchair-bound person facing right, each with five skin tone modifier options. It should be noted that emoji’s appearance will vary slightly depending on whether the user is using an iPhone or Android. (New York Post)



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Wellbeing expert Nicola Elliot claims we can all get better sleep by following these 11 golden rules:
• Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends
• Sleep in 90-minute cycles, so try to get seven-and-a-half hours, nine hours or ten-and-a-half hours of sleep
• Don’t hit snooze on your alarm
• Give yourself 30 minutes to wake up every morning
• Get at least one hours of direct sunlight before midday, ideally 15 minutes of it within the first hour you’re awake
• Do at least 30 minutes of movement a day
• Create an evening routine using the 3-2-1 rule (not eating food or drinking alcohol THREE hours before bed, then TWO hours before bed stop doing work or strenuous exercise, and ONE hour before bed, stop using screens)
• Set aside 15 minutes to relax at any point during your day
• Make your bedroom a tech-free zone that’s as dark as possible
• Eat three regular meals evenly spread throughout the day
• Have your last caffeinated drink by midday
Source: Metro

Snow And Ice Hacks That Really Work & The Ones To Skip

Knowing the best ways to deal with snow and ice this winter is essential and experts are sharing their tips and tricks that really work, as well as those that don’t.
Surprisingly, pickle juice can help de-ice a windshield, according to National Geographic. The brine can melt at very low temperatures.
Adding a coat of cooking oil or spray to a shovel can help snow slide off with ease.
If you’re going to be shoveling for a while, you’ll probably end up with snow in your socks and freezing feet, but a fishermen-approved hack can help. Just wrap plastic bags around your socks before putting on shoes or boots to provide another barrier of insulation.
You can use a bath towel to cover your windshield and keep it snow-free. The towel may be frozen stiff, but you can easily peel it off, revealing clear glass underneath. You can also use carpet, cardboard or even a shower curtain.
Things to NOT try include pouring hot or boiling water onto your windshield. Glass is really brittle, so an extreme change in temperature like that can cause it to shatter.
Same with the tip of putting hot water in a Ziploc bag and rubbing it on your icy windshield.
Some people also suggest using a cut potato to rub your windshield before it snows to prevent sticking, but experts say all it’s likely to do is make it harder to see.
Source: NY Post

A Parents’ Guide To 2024 Teen Slang.

Is your slang bussin’? A survey by Preply polled 682 parents of teenagers about the slang words their kids use and compiled a list of the ones most commonly used in 2023. And by the way, only 2% of parents said they know what each of them mean.

• Sus – “Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious.”
• Bet – “An expression that means ‘I agree’, ‘good news.'”
• Yeet – “To violently throw an object that you deem to be worthless, inferior or just plain garbage.”
• Salty – “When you are upset over something little.”
• Cap – “Another word for lying. It can be used like no cap or you can say stop capping.”
• Extra – “Being over the top, excessive, dramatic behavior.”
• Bussin’ – “What you would say if something was really good.”
• Bougie – “Used to describe someone as high class, literally or figuratively.”
• Sheesh – “An expression when you’re impressed or amazed by something.”
• Drip – “When something is very cool. Can be used to describe an outfit/accessory, person, song, etc.”
• Oof – “Can be used to express discomfort, stress, or sadness.”
• Finna – “Abbreviation of ‘fixing to.’ Normally means ‘going to.'”
• Shook – “Being shocked or surprised. When you can’t believe what you’re seeing.”
• Simp – “When someone does way too much for a person they like.”
• Mid – “Used to insult or degrade something or an opposing opinion, labeling it as average or poor quality.”
• Hold This L/You Took an L – “What someone says to another person when they lose at something.”
• IYKYK – “If You Know You Know.”
• NPC – “Someone, regardless of their views, who doesn’t think for themselves.”


Pantone has announced its 2024 color of the year: Peach Fuzz. According to Pantone, the color is “a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of tenderness and communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration.”
Viva Magenta was the color for 2023.


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Don’t answer calls from these area codes.
Many people rarely answer unsolicited phone calls from unfamiliar numbers.  But for those of us who DO answer calls from unknown numbers, experts remind us that scammers often use “spoofing” techniques to make it look like they’re calling from a different location, sometimes in our own hometown, mainly because a local call is likely to seem more legitimate. Many phone systems can block calls from area codes that are known to be popular with scam operations. The scammers will “spoof” their number to avoid the automated caller ID blocking. However, calls from overseas locations will sometimes get through. Five area codes you should never answer a call from:
268, associated with Antigua and Barbuda and is often used by crooks in scam operations
876, in Jamaica, is often used in lottery scams and work-from-home fraud schemes
473 in Grenada
649 in the Turks and Caicos Islands
284 in the British Virgin Islands, all of which are also known to be used by scammers for various kinds of fraud. Calls coming from any of these area codes should generally be ignored, according to cyber security experts.
(Source: Fox8)

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