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Audra Sennish

Audra holding up her diploma at graduation with her family.

Audra Sennish’s debut single “not what you need” is now out into the world. The single embodies girl power and one realizing their true worth. From the catchy hook to the vulnerable lyrics, Sennish hopes that this song can impact the girls who always felt like an outcast that people overlooked.

Sennish was born and raised in Sandusky, OH. She graduated from Perkins High School in 2019 and recently graduated from Tiffin University with two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Strategic & Mass Communication and Commercial Music. Last summer, Sennish was the Summer Intern for Mix 102.7 WCPZ. You might recognize her voice from a lot of radio commercials for local businesses like Tony’s Restaurant, Brewed Vermillion, Twin Star Entertainment, and Noble Crafts.

Upon her college graduation, Sennish received an offer to be the Graduate Assistant to the President’s Office at Tiffin University. Through this position, she will be working for the university while also obtaining her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a focus in Marketing. She hopes to one day use her communicative/marketing knowledge in the music world to help other artists grow and find their true identities.

With the help of her producer and colleague Evan Watt (a 2019 Clyde High School graduate and 2023 Tiffin University Commercial Music graduate), Sennish found the right sound for her music. She is a pop star at heart.

“I’ve always grown up listening to pop music from all time periods. I remember my mom playing her 80s CDs in the car and gravitating toward the catchy melodies and simple lyrics,” Sennish said.

Sennish’s brand encourages others to be their most authentic selves. She never holds anything back in her social media posts. Whether it’s to make people feel something through her music or to make people laugh, Sennish loves making people smile.

“Quirks are what make people unique. It kills me to think people hold back who they are because they fear judgment. I hope that when people see me embrace my quirks through my posts and music it inspires them to do the same,” Sennish said.

Her debut single “not what you need” is available on all streaming and purchasing platforms. In the coming months, Sennish will be releasing two more singles entitled “hole” and “steal my boyfriend.” For more information on future music release dates, you can follow her on Instagram (@audra.never.stops.singing) and TikTok (@audra.cant.stop.singing).

Sennish is proud to be a “Certified Homegrown Artist,” and she cannot wait for her hometown to listen to her music and embrace their quirks alongside her!

As of September 10th, Sennish has come out with a second single. While it may not be as driving, pop-forward, and light-hearted as her debut “not what you need,” she perfectly encapsulates the struggles most people in the world have with mental health. The song is called “hole,” a song that captures the struggles Sennish herself has dealt with. Sometimes, people just feel like they’re in a hole they can’t get out of. She chose to release this tune this month because it’s Suicide Prevention Month. Sennish wants people out there to listen to “hole” and realize that they’re not alone in how they feel. All feelings are valid. You’re never alone.

To coincide with her single release, Sennish has started two separate fundraisers on her Instagram and Facebook for the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. The foundation thrives off the slogan “Where there’s help, there’s hope.” The Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation saves lives by connecting every Ohioan to suicide prevention resources. Their website also informs viewers of events going on all around the state to help raise awareness on suicide prevention.

Sennish hopes that everyone not only listens to her new song but also donates to the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. Every can make a difference in suicide prevention, one step at a time.

To donate to Sennish’s Facebook fundraiser, click here

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To learn more about the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, click here

Check out Audra performing live this summer:

June Dates include a private event on June 8th and at Al Fresco Waterfront Dining on June 29th, 2024. July Dates include July 6th at Al Fresco Waterfront Dining on the Bay, July 13th at Flighthouse Findlay and on July 27th at Al Fresco Waterfront Dining on the Bay.

Singer/Songwriter/Ukulele: Audra Sennish
Producer/Mix/Master: Evan Watt
Guitar/Bass/Strings: Evan Watt

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Singer/Songwriter: Audra Sennish

Producer/Mix/Master: Evan Watt (For Evan’s Instagram, Click Here)

Guitar/Bass: Evan Watt

Drums: Daulton Shields (For Daulton’s Instagram, Click Here)