Monday , June 24 2024


   An artistic photograph of Blkbird in a neon pink rectangle with clouds around him. Blkbird singing with a microphone in front of blue flames and a city landscape.

“Blkbird” (born Kyril Cook, June 1992) is an up-and-coming recording artist from Sandusky, Ohio. As The son of a Recording Artist, music had been a part of his upbringing; with him recording his own tracks as early as 14. He however only became devoted to pursuing a career in music in 2021; and his work quickly evolved and he began attracting attention not just within the local music scene, but overseas as well. Praised and noted for his incredible unique and raw sound, rare and impressive lyricism, deep concepts, and his versatility. Ranging from aggressive rap vocals, to singing smooth, heartfelt, and emotional songs. He is also highly admired for boasting an electric stage presence. His latest release “Float Away” is an intense, catchy, and deep twist on love songs, that captivated listeners of all ages, and accelerated his career and popularity to new heights. He began headlining his own shows, and networking with other established artists and industry execs in early 2023 shortly after it’s release. His sole goal is to express himself and create something genuine, and different, and impactful.


Blkbird wearing glasses and a fur coat.A selfie of Blkbird with a TV-like filer on it.

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