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Kindhearted Cop Surprises Boy With New Football Cleats

A police officer named Michael Pointer in Memphis, Tennessee, made a young boy’s day by purchasing and delivering a new pair of football cleats and socks to him. Kamarri Brooks had been without cleats and couldn’t afford them, which was keeping him from being able to fully participate in his favorite sport. Pointer’s kind act is a prime example of the positive impact community members can have on each other. Kamarri’s mother expressed gratitude, saying the officer’s support meant a lot to her as a struggling single parent. (

Tow Truck Driver Helps Mom Deliver Baby On Turnpike

On Father’s Day, Andrenna Reid, a 32-year-old pregnant mother from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, found herself in an unexpected situation. After being sent home by the hospital the day before because she wasn’t ready to deliver, her contractions intensified early Sunday morning. With her husband at work she attempted to drop off her one-year-old son at a grandparent’s house, but then realized she wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time.
Reid had to pull over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as she went into full-on labor. Alone and in the dark, she made an emergency call. “I’m on the side of the road. I’m on the Turnpike. I’m having a baby,” she recalls saying just before delivering her son. A tow truck driver arrived moments later, offered his assistance, and made sure emergency responders were alerted.
State troopers and EMTs quickly arrived at the scene, and Mom, her one-year-old, and her newborn son, Santana Reid, were transported to a nearby hospital in Montgomery County. Later, Reid expressed her gratitude for the tow truck driver’s help. She never got his name, but she’s thankful for his timely intervention during such a critical moment. Source: 6 ABC

Michael Strahan Celebrates Daughter Ending Chemotherapy

Michael Strahan is celebrating his daughter Isabella Strahan ending her chemotherapy. The proud dad and “Good Morning America” host shared a video of Isabella ringing the bell and hyped up his daughter on social media. “You are a SUPERWOMAN,” he wrote in the caption of his post.
“You continue to fight with a smile on your face, strength, and determination. I am one proud Dad! Love you, Bella…Keep inspiring,” Strahan continued. Isabella got a ton of love in the comments, with Olivia Munn praising her as a “warrior” and Flavor Flav commenting “May God Bless you.”
Isabella and Michael previously shared that she had been diagnosed with brain cancer back in January. She has been documenting her journey on her YouTube channel, with her fans even getting to see her dance in celebration after ringing the bell in her latest post. Source: Page Six


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Woman Sculpts Celebrity Images – From Sushi.

When Ed Sheeran wrote “Shape of You,” he probably didn’t have this vision of himself sculpted from sushi ingredients in mind. The British megastar is just one of several celebrities whose image has been recreated using ingredients like rice, salmon and pickled ginger by British food artist Michelle Wibowo. Sheeran’s fellow singer-songwriter Elton John was also given the edible makeover for a one-day exhibition in London, as was actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
Wibowo spent around 120 hours creating the grapefruit-sized sculptures from the ingredients of the Japanese specialty. The unusual creations were on display at the CasildArt Gallery in London as part of a collaboration with Japanese food brand Yutaka to mark International Sushi Day on Tuesday.
“I’m used to creating sculptures from unconventional materials, but working with sushi ingredients was a whole other kettle of fish!” Wibowo said in a press release sent to CNN by the organizers.
“It was really fascinating to see how many ingredients there are for making sushi and how these can be used to create intricate details for the face and hair.
“I hope people find the portraits as hilarious as I do and maybe even feel inspired to have a go themselves to mix things up in the kitchen. Remember, all art is subjective!” (CNN)

Nothing better than a video of babies and their loving dogs.

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