Monday , March 4 2024

Weird News of The Week


OPPOSITES ATTRACT! The World’s tallest man has met up once again with the world’s shortest woman. The reunion took place six years after the two joined forces for a photo shoot in Egypt that quickly went viral. Sultan Kosen, who’s a whopping 8ft 3in, and Jyoti Amge, who stands just 2ft tall, posed for pictures in Irvine, California this week. Kosen, 41 from Turkey, and Amge, 30, from India, first met in Cairo where they snapped pics in front of the pyramids of Giza as part of a campaign to revitalize the country’s tourism industry. As for what caused their extreme stature, Kosen has a tumor that causes pituitary gigantism, while Amge has a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Source: Daily Mail

A shopper has gone viral after sharing a packet of chicken breasts on a food aisle which bear an uncanny resemblance to E.T., the extraterrestrial. The friendly extraterrestrial was spotted in sealed chicken breasts, which shopper Melissa Mendez quickly snapped a photo of and shared. E.T. is a cult classic and still beloved by many across the world, as is clearly proven by these hilarious comments accompanying the image. Melissa Mendez posted the picture to the Facebook ‘Optical Illusions Now’ and captioned ‘Just changed my mind.’ The image then went viral, gaining thousands of likes with many shocked at the resemblance. (

A Florida man got a little too nosy for his own good and ended up in the E.R. with over 150 bugs stuck up his nose. The man, whose name was not released, says he went to the hospital after he started feeling “a little bit off,” and ended up on an exam table where a doctor found the live insects and larvae squirming around in his nose and sinus cavities. The patient said “I started getting nose bleeds, constant nose bleeds. I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom without my nose starting to bleed. When I went for the examination the doctor says, ‘I see movement.'”
These weren’t tiny critters. A Dr. Carlson, who treated the man said “Size wise there’s variations, but the larger ones were as big as the end of my pinky. I knew he was in big trouble, there was erosion that was occurring near the skull base in very close proximity to his eye and his brain.”
The doctor said the man couldn’t explain how the insects got into his sinus cavity, but guessed that the problem started when he handled freshly caught fish and failed to wash his hands — which he promised to do from now on. (First Coast News)


Sandusky had McDonald’s first drive-thru for boats, but a McDonald’s in Sweden is now offering patrons the option of a ski-thru window. McSki, which is located in the resort town of Salen, has gone viral and there’s been an 80% increase in English visitors. The restaurant has a full menu, in addition to a McCafe, where hot chocolate and warm Swedish cinnamon buns warm the hearts and hands of those who stop in. (New York Post)

@travelvalley This is… the one and only McSki in the world! 📍Lindvallen, Sweden #mcski #mcdonalds #wintersport #traveltiktok #traveltok #uniqueplaces #fyp ♬ This is heaven – Nightshade