Saturday , September 23 2023

Weird News of The Week


IT’S A BAD SIGN. You know those big commercial traffic warning signs? The ones on the side of the road warning you about upcoming construction or something like that? Did you know you can rent one of them yourself? A couple in Jackson, New Jersey did just that — and are using the sign to display a message that their neighbors aren’t very happy about. Joseph and Stephanie Rucci typed “Don’t be an A-hole” into the sign and have had it flashing on their front lawn for a few days now. People in Jackson think it has to do with local politics, as Mr. Rucci is in an ongoing feud with a town councilmember. But apparently nobody thinks this is a good way to carry on that battle. One neighbor said, “Our kids have to see this sign and walk by every day. It’s obscene and I had to try to explain this to my six-year-old.” (Shore News Network)

Motorists in Houston did a double take on the road earlier this week when an electronic construction sign flashed a strange and offensive message at them. Drivers saw the sign which first read, “Due to the weather,” and were shocked when it then flashed “Go [expletive] yourself.” Some were able to snap photos of the messages and shared them on social media. The sign apparently displayed the message for several hours before a city inspector showed up and shut it down. Houston Public Works said they do not operate the sign and are investigating who may have been able to access the controls which are locked inside a box. (KTRK-TV)

Ten to 15 people fighting, chairs and bowling balls being thrown through the air, “absolute chaos”: This is how police described a large-scale brawl that broke out at a bowling alley in East Longmeadow late Friday and ended with multiple individuals being arrested. Police responded shortly after 10:20 p.m. to a report of several people fighting inside the Shaker Bowl bowling alley at 168 Shaker Road, which offers regular bowling and not candlepin bowling. Officer Zackery Poremba was the first to arrive at the scene and described it in his report as “absolute chaos,” with “10-15 people actively fighting” and “chairs and bowling balls flying through the air in all directions,” according to a Facebook post from the East Longmeadow Police Department. Poremba quickly restrained and handcuffed two different women, who he allegedly saw raise bowling balls over their heads to throw at others. Officer Nicholas Ottoson arrived at the bowling alley shortly after and detained another woman, who he described as being an “active aggressor” in the fight, the department’s statement said. First responders evaluated multiple people for injuries, but, ultimately, there were no serious wounds found on anyone. However, some individuals were minorly injured, according to the statement. Officers spoke with multiple witnesses and arrested three Springfield woman, ages 19, 19 and 21, on multiple charges, including assault and battery by a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. They are expected to be arraigned in Palmer District Court at a future date, the statement said. (

Sometimes nature can be downright terrifying. An orangutan at an Australian zoo scared the pants off some visitors when it grabbed a possum and “launched” it from the top of its enclosure after the marsupial got too close. A viral vid shows the primate chucking the possum through the air from a tall metal tower at the Perth Zoo, on Australia’s west coast. After pitching the possum, the orangutan peaks out of the enclosure to see where the critter ended up. So, how does the zoo feel about the incident? They stated in an interview, “Obviously the loss of any living creature saddens us, but also it’s nature playing out.” Source: NY Post

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A woman in Australia says she’s being tortured by an onslaught of people calling her and doing their best “Chewbacca” impression from “Star Wars”. Taylor Paige, who’s from Sydney, says she’s on the hunt for whoever is responsible for masterminding the prank, and what’s worse…the single mom says she doesn’t even like “Star Wars.” Paige explained in a recent interview that when she asked one of the callers where they got her number, they said they saw a poster in the street that advertised a contest. Apparently, the flyer noted that whoever did the best Wookie impression would win $100. When asked if she has the faintest idea who could be behind this, Paige simply replied, “I’m not too sure, I honestly couldn’t tell you.” Source: Lad Bible

A couple from New Zealand wants a refund after they claim they spent 13 hours on a flight stuck next to a very annoying and gassy dog. Gill and Warren Press say their Singapore Airlines flight from Paris was first disrupted when a stocky dog snorted with labored breathing as the owner explained the pup helped ease her anxiety. Then halfway through the flight, the Presses could smell a noxious gas emitting from the canine as well as saliva all over Warren’s leg when the dog was shoved under the seat behind him. When they couldn’t take the smell a minute longer, they were moved from premium economy to the back row of regular economy and are seeking full compensation for the flight instead of the $200 travel voucher they were offered. Source: NY Post

Namaste Murder? Police in England swarmed a community park expecting to find a gruesome scene after some local dog walkers called and reported seeing several dead bodies as a result of a “ritual mass murder.” Officers arrived and found the bodies, but they weren’t dead. They were taking a yoga class. The North Sea Observatory, which occasionally hosts yoga events, explained on social media that “someone had reported a mass killing in our building. Having seen several people laying on the floor… Which actually turned out to be the yoga class in meditation.” The post continued, “Dear General Public, please be mindful that the Observatory has lots of yoga classes happening in the evenings. We are not part of any mad cult or crazy clubs.” The yoga instructor said they were all shocked by the police presence. She said the participants were “in a beautiful deep relaxation and it could have never run through any of our minds that it could be taken in this way.” (CNN)