Thursday , May 23 2024

School Spirit Contest Rules


Program Description

The School Spirit program is designed to provide schools an opportunity to raise money for supplies, extracurricular activities and other needs within their school.  The program is sponsored by the Sandusky Mall.  Every dollar spent at the mall and surrounding out parcels equates to one point, with the exception of double points week.  Below are the official rules of the competition.

School Spirit Program Official Rules
1. All area public and parochial schools serving grades K-12 are eligible to participate.
2. Receipts will be accepted by the Customer Service booth in the Mall’s center court during regular mall hours.  Large quantities of receipts brought in at one time must be left with Customer Service and returned to the schools at a later date.
3. Receipts will be accepted from any Mall business including those surrounding the outside of the mall, known as “out-parcels”.
4. Receipts must be dated with the specific session to be redeemed.  There are two sessions per year: January 1 through July 31 and August 1 through December 31.  The following receipts ARE NOT eligible:  purchases outside of the session specified date ranges, payments on layaways, payments on store credit cards, or purchase of any store or mall gift cards and credits on a return.
5. Only original receipts will be accepted; photo copies and duplicate receipts are not acceptable.
a. Stores may be contacted to verify a questionable receipt.
6. Customer service will tally points for the school designated by the customer.  Redeemed receipts will be initialed (and dated) to indicate that the receipt has been redeemed.
7. Receipts will be returned to the customer as soon as possible.  Customer Service reserves the right to return multiple receipts the next day.
8. Mall and surrounding businesses are not permitted to submit their daily receipts, nor provide such receipts to an individual for redemption. The Mall reserves the right to REFUSE any receipts they deem questionable.
9. Mall employees may participate by redeeming their own personal receipts.
10.Double points weeks:  Every month, our Media Partner, MIX 102.7 FM, will announce a double bonus week.   ONLY RECEIPTS DATED THE WEEK OF THE DOUBLE POINTS WILL BE DOUBLED!!!!
11. At the end of the contest, the school with the least points will get one entry to win a cash award. Each school above that will get one more entry than the school with fewer points. For example, if 20 schools have points, the school with the most points will have 20 entries, and the school with the least will have 1 entry.  A random drawing will take place to determine the three schools to win cash prizes for their classrooms. First place wins $2000, Second Place wins $1200, Third Place receives $800.
12.These rules are subject to change without notice.
Questions about the School Spirit program may be directed to Mary Sartor, Sandusky Mall Marketing Director.