Thursday , May 23 2024

Eastern Rift

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In July of 2011, Dan Hoke put together a group to play live and record on his solo CD. After playing a successful CD release party and having great chemistry on stage, they decided to stick together and start writing new songs as a band. This group consisted of Mike Hoke, Eric Hugg, and Evan Fahning and soon after Mark Belcher and became the Sandusky original alternative rock band known today as Eastern Rift.  Eastern Rift is five guys who love music and have the same passion for playing rock n’ roll. They have just released their debut EP “Left of the Mark” with the help of Mike Brown and The Lava Room recording studio in Cleveland. The record has 4 tracks and includes the new single “Green Lights”, which are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, and Rhapsody today.

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